Helpful Hints: Tongue Brushing

tipshintsWhen you ask us, “Do I need to brush my tongue?” we will say yes. What you may not realize is that behind this answer lies a wealth of information regarding why you need to brush, how it can benefit your oral health, and your options for cleaning this bodily organ. For some helpful hints that may give you the push you need to make this aspect of dental hygiene an enjoyable, daily occurrence, we offer up some advice.

Hint #1: Brushing Removes Bacteria

Are you wondering why you need to brush your tongue? Just like brushing your teeth and gums as a measure to keep your oral health safe, tongue brushing promotes the same effects. When you brush, you remove bacteria (and leftover food particles) that lead to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. These things are certainly better out of your mouth than in.

Hint #2: Brushing Combats Bad Breath

Beyond the obvious oral health problems that can stem from failing to brush your tongue, it’s important to note that it can also lead to bad breath. Did you know that bacteria let out awful odors that often contribute to halitosis? Brush your tongue every day to remove odor-causing bacteria, so breath remains friendly.

Hint #3: You Don’t Have To Use A Brush

What makes you so curious about tongue brushing? Is it because you do not like the way brushing your tongue feels, so you’re hoping you won’t have to do it anymore? No worries! You may continue to keep your tongue clean with the use of something known as a “tongue cleaner” or a “tongue scraper.” This curved piece of plastic is smooth and comfortable and will quickly remove bacteria.

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