How At Risk Are You?

decay3It may not be general knowledge, but certain people are at more of a risk for developing cavities than others. Several factors work together to cause cavities. Some of these factors can be avoided. If you could avoid them, would you? Considering the distress cavities cause physically, emotionally, and financially you probably would if you could. There are some factors, of course, that you cannot avoid. Read on to find out how at risk you are for developing cavities.

Avoidable Factors

Diet: One reason tooth decay is such a chronic problem is because of our diet. The modern diet overwhelmingly consists of processed sugars and starches. The difference between processed and natural sugars is that natural sugars are not added to the product. For instance, fruit is sweet because it contains natural sugars, but a twinkie is sweet because it is made with processed sugars. Sugar is added to make it sweet.  Sugars and starches attract pathogenic oral bacteria that live in your mouth. These bacteria feed on the sugars and starches leftover on your teeth and gums and excrete enamel eating acids that cause decay. In order to avoid cavities, you can change your diet. Choose tooth-friendly foods such as vegetables rather than consuming large amounts of processed sugars, starchy foods, and carbonated beverages.

Poor Oral Health: People who do not practice proper oral hygiene are at greater risk for cavities. Proper oral hygiene includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist twice a year.

Tobacco: Tobacco products stain teeth with tar deposits and cause the buildup of plaque and tartar. To avoid tooth decay and periodontal disease caused by tobacco use, try to avoid using tobacco products.

Unavoidable Factors

Income: Children and adults from lower-income families are at higher risk for cavities.

Age: Senior citizens are at higher risk for cavities mainly due to health issues and the use of certain medications.

Health:  Diabetics, people undergoing radiation therapy, and those with certain diseases or taking certain medications all tend to be at higher risk for developing cavities.


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