How Long Do Restorative Treatments Last?

clocktopOne of the questions we sometimes receive from our patients follows: How long do restorative treatment last? This is a good question. As far as you are concerned, when you commit to visiting us to repair a problem with your smile, you want that problem to remain fixed up for a long time. The answer to this question varies from treatment to treatment. Of course, the better care you provide your entire smile, the longer those restorations are likely to continue providing you benefits. As for their general lifespan, allow us to fill you in with some estimations.

How Long Does A Bridge Last?

In general, a bridge that is maintained correctly may last around a decade. However, this is all dependent on its location in your mouth and the choices you make (such as avoiding food that is too hard for you to eat, which may cause damage). Expect approximately five to 10 years of wear.

How Long Does A White Filling Last?

The good news is that once we place a dental filling, this means we have eradicated the disease that created the hole in your tooth. As for the general life of the restorative treatment we know as a white or composite filling, you can expect the filling to last approximately seven years or longer.

How Long Does A Denture Last?

Remember to take into account that daily wear and tear can affect the life of your denture. Another factor is daily care – avoid potential warping by handling your prosthetic carefully and avoiding hot water. Fortunately, this restorative treatment may last approximately five to seven years or even longer.

How Long Does A Crown Last?

Crowns are composed of a variety of materials, from gold to porcelain or zirconia. While the lifespan of this restorative treatment can vary widely, you will be happy to learn they can last up to 30 years or more when provided good care. Expect a bare minimum of approximately five.


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