Implant Planning and Placement

dentalimplantpiecebypieceWhen it comes to identifying the teeth replacement solution best suited to your needs, you may come to the conclusion that dental implants offer the stability you desire. However, focusing on the benefits of treatment may cause you to suddenly realize you’ve overlooked one tiny detail: What to expect from the planning and placement process. Rather than feeling concerned that you’re not up for the challenge or simply feeling uneducated on what the experience will entail, we invite you to become more familiar with implants by considering the following information:

Implant Consultation and Planning

Choosing implants for your tooth replacement solution is a wonderful decision. However, we will need to begin with a consultation to determine your candidacy and to begin planning your complete smile. First, because this process will include oral surgery and requires a strong jawbone, we will thoroughly examine your smile and may speak with you about your health history. We need to ensure your jaw is healthy enough to support the implants. If necessary, we may suggest oral surgery including bone surgery or grafting to improve your jaw health.

We will then create precise plans for the placement of your implants before moving forward. A portion of this planning includes determining whether you wish for single implants restored with a dental crown or multiple implants to support a larger prosthetic, such as a denture.

Implant Placement With Your Oral Surgeon

You will visit us for oral surgery. The comfortable procedure will include the creation of a small incision in your gum tissue. We will insert the dental implant – a titanium post – into this incision and into your jawbone, restoring your missing roots. You will then need to recover for several months, while the post fuses to your jawbone. This will also give you ample time for your gum tissue to heal before we place your final restoration (or prosthetic that restores the visible portion of your tooth).


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