Improve The Appearance of Your Smile

brunettesmile pointingYou have a diverse array of options for improving the appearance of your smile by visiting our practice. We offer restorative and cosmetic services to address your needs, while guiding you toward a smile that makes you feel completely satisfied. For treatment suggestions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. In the meantime, receive answers to some of your more pressing questions with the following Q&A session:

Smile Improvement: Q&A Session

Question: Do my teeth need to look a certain way to qualify?

Answer: No. We understand that every patient has a different vision of what he or she would like to see from a glance in the mirror. Whether you are upset with a tiny crack, allover discoloration, or other forms of esthetic damage or concern, we will speak with you about your feelings and create a plan tailored to your smile goals.

Question: What if my teeth are severely damaged or unhealthy?

Answer: We can still improve the appearance of your smile. However, we will need to begin with restorative care. The health of your mouth always takes priority over its cosmetic value. We may need to address decay, fill cavities, place dental crowns to protect damaged or weak teeth, address gum disease, or consider other problems. Then, we may move forward with cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, so you can enjoy the comprehensive improvement you desire.

Question: What if I’m missing teeth and I want to complete my smile?

Answer: Filling an open space in your smile is extremely important. Not only will your appearance improve but you will also protect yourself from problems like future misalignment or difficulty with daily hygiene. We can offer you beautiful teeth replacement solutions, such as bridges or dentures.

Question: Can I quickly make over my entire smile?

Answer: Want to see a dramatic, nearly instant transformation? Speak with us about porcelain veneers.


At A Briter Smile Dental Group, our dentists strive to offer each patient individual care and access to the latest in modern dentistry at an affordable price. If you would like to schedule a consultation call our San Fernando Valley, CA office today at (818) 897-5771. We proudly serve residents of Pacoima as well as San Fernando, Granada Hills, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and surrounding communities.