Improving Partial Tooth Problems

toothwithballoonsAre you suffering from damage that we may repair with cosmetic dentistry? Are you unsure whether your damage requires restorative care but you’re hoping the final results after dental work will present a cosmetically sound appearance? Rest easy – we offer cosmetic treatments that can help address damage occurring in a variety of ways. Whether you’re missing a bit of tissue or simply want to makeover the appearance of your smile, we are ready to help.

Damaged Cusps

Are you dealing with partial tooth damage? If so, which part of your tooth is missing? If you have damaged your cusp, which is the portion of your tooth that sticks out and aids in chewing, then you will need an onlay. This is a beautiful, custom-crafted, porcelain restoration that we offer as one of our cosmetic dentistry services. We will replace missing cusp tissue as well as tissue down the side of your tooth.

Damage Between Cusps

So, you’re suffering from damage between your cusps, rather than the cusps themselves? If so, we will suggest an inlay. Similar to the precise-shape-you-need crafting of an onlay, we create inlays to fit between your cusps when necessary. This is often required when a cavity is too large for a filling but does not require a full dental crown.

Cosmetically Damaged Surfaces

If your teeth are cosmetically damaged then they are healthy – they just don’t look wonderful. This means that the visible portion of your teeth is what we need to address. Fortunately, we can offer partial tooth coverage with the use of the cosmetic dentistry treatment called porcelain veneers. They are super-thin, customized ceramic shells bonded to the visible surface of your teeth for exceptional improvement.


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