Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is often necessary to prepare the mouth for dental implants, or to prevent bone loss after an extraction. The idea of bone grafting may sound scary, but in fact, this is a routine, painless procedure that helps to maintain facial bone structure, and make it possible to perform certain dental procedures, including dental implant surgery. Our caring Santa Clarita dentists at A New Smile Dental Group perform bone grafting and all of our dental services with your comfort as our top priority.


Why Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

The presence and continuous function of teeth in the mouth helps maintain the amount of bone in the jaw. When teeth are lost to decay, disease, or trauma, the jaw bone begins to shrink in volume. Bone grafting may be needed to increase the size of diminished bone structure after teeth are extracted, or to restore the bone to its original dimensions to create the foundation for healthy, permanent dental implants.

Bone Augmentation to Create Support for Implants

When the bone structure under the gums is too low, it is necessary augment the natural structure by adding (grafting) bone or synthetic materials to the jaw. We have performed bone grafts safely, successfully for years, and you can trust our oral surgeon to perform this procedure with your comfort as a priority. Implants cannot be placed in the jaw unless there is enough bone to support the titanium post, so that is become permanently fused to the bone, sturdy and strong. Some patients do not have enough jaw bone to do so, and will require a bone graft to create the necessary foundation for implants.

Types of Bone Grafts

The type of bone grafting performed is determined by the purpose and whether grafting is done on a small, medium, or large area:

  • Small bone grafts: When a damaged tooth is extracted, the dentist can perform a bone graft to prevent excess bone loss. Sterile, demineralized human bone granules are packed in the socket immediately after extraction. The dentist covers the granules with a collagen membrane and closes the tooth socket with a few sutures. The patient’s own bone will fill in the socket over the following several weeks and bone height will be preserved for long enough to replace the missing tooth.
  • Medium bone grafts: When teeth have been missing for years and some bone loss has already occurred, the dentist can open the area with a small incision and build up the bone with demineralized bone graft granules or synthetic materials. The graft is protected with a membrane and the socket is closed with sutures. The graft will heal and integrate with existing bone tissue, building up the area over a period of several months after the surgery.
  • Large bone grafts: This is for patients who have experienced advanced bone loss, when many teeth have been missing for a long period of time. A combination of the patient’s own bone and sterile demineralized human bone is used to build up the height and width of the jaw bone enough to receive dental implants.

Santa Clarita Oral Surgeon

Whether you need bone grafting to prevent bone loss after an extraction, or to prepare for dental implants if bone loss has already occurred, our Santa Clarita dentists at A New Smile Dental Group can provide the outstanding care you deserve. Call us to request an appointment today.

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