Treatment for Internal Tooth Infection

Dealing with the discomfort associated with an infected tooth can be quite challenging. At A New Smile, we offer comprehensive endodontic care to treat and restore an infected tooth while preserving the health of your entire mouth.

What to Expect from Endodontic Treatment

Once your tooth suffers an infection (tooth decay), the problem will only worsen. Because your tooth cannot clear itself of decay, we encourage you to contact us immediately to schedule your endodontic treatment if you experience intense tooth pain, or have a severely damaged tooth.

Endodontics focuses on treating the deeper, internal portions of an infected tooth when a simple filling will not suffice. Treatment may include:

  • Root canal therapy to address infected pulp, which is the tissue that lives within your tooth’s internal chamber and is connected to the root canal. By removing the tissue and administering a filling, your tooth becomes infection-free and whole again. To completely restore your tooth, your dentist will cover your remaining natural tooth with a lifelike dental crown.
  • Root canal re-treatment becomes important when a previous root canal procedure fails and the infection spreads through more of the tooth. We will revisit the infected tooth, inspect the extent of infection, re-treat your tooth’s root canal, and then seal your tooth to allow it to heal properly.
  • Apicoectomy provides treatment to a tooth whose root canal is infected, but not its inner pulp chamber. Because we cannot address this type of infection with conventional root canal therapy, your dentist will remove the infected root portion, then seal the tip of the root.
  • Retrofill treatments are like small fillings that replace the missing portion of your root tip lost during an apicoectomy. Filling the open space restores your tooth’s structure.

Who Benefits from Endodontics?

If you suffer from a tooth infection, then endodontic treatment will save the healthy tooth structure that’s left, and may protect surrounding teeth from the spread of infection. Common benefits of root canal are that:

  • Treatment will end your infection-related discomfort.
  • Treatment may prevent your tooth from abscessing or dying.
  • Treatment will stop the problem, preventing infection from spreading to surrounding teeth and gums.
  • Your tooth will be beautifully restored, often with the assistance of a beautiful, natural-looking crown.

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