Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery for More Complex Issues

Are you experiencing problems with your teeth or gums that require more advanced care than general dentistry? Do you require treatment for a problematic tooth, or gum disease? When complex issues threaten the health of your surrounding teeth, oral surgery may offer the best solution for regaining your excellent oral health, and higher overall quality of life.

What to Expect from Oral Surgery

Oral surgery includes those treatments that surgically remove, treat, or insert replacement tissue. Periodontics includes the treatment of your gums and supportive tissues that surround your teeth. Keep in mind, our dentists provide sedation options to ensure you feel calm and comfortable throughout your procedure. Common oral surgery procedures can include:

  • Tooth Extraction: For a tooth that does not respond to root canal treatment, an impacted wisdom tooth, or a tooth that is too damaged to save, we offer regular and surgical tooth extractions.
  • Osseous Surgery: We will surgically improve the shape of your jawbone if it has suffered damage from an injury or advanced periodontal disease.
  • Bone Grafting: When gum disease or prolonged tooth loss result in jawbone deterioration, we may surgically regrow portions of your bone for improved strength and density. Bone grafts are popular for patients who wish to receive dental implants, but whose jawbone structure may not be strong enough.
  • Gum Regeneration: You may suffer from gum recession or gingival tissue damage during gum disease. Gum regeneration promotes healing and the regrowth of natural, healthy gum tissues.
  • Crown Lengthening: Your teeth may appear too short thanks to a “gummy smile.” Your dentist will remove excess gum tissue to expose a greater portion of each tooth and create the appearance of longer teeth. Your dentist may also choose this procedure in the case of gum disease damage as a means of reaching and improving your tooth’s health and texture.
  • Dental Implant Placement: We will surgically place one or more titanium posts – called dental implants – into your jawbone. This will require 4-6 months of healing time, after which the post(s) may be restored with a dental crown, bridge, partial denture, or full denture.

Will I Benefit from Oral Surgery?

Your teeth, jawbone, and gums work together to ensure you can speak clearly, chew comfortably, and smile a gorgeous smile. When one or more parts of this equation suffer from disease or damage, your mouth’s function suffers. Because oral tissues cannot regenerate themselves, seeking surgery and periodontal care can help restore the intricate balance between the components of your smile and bite. Through oral surgery:

  • You protect the beauty, function, and health of your entire mouth by agreeing to urgent oral surgery needs.
  • You can save the integrity of your smile by removing problematic wisdom teeth.
  • You can improve the health of your jawbone and supportive oral structures to preserve the healthy foundations of your smile for life.
  • Obtaining a comfortable, healthy smile allows you to chew, speak, and share your joy with confidence.

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