Sleep Apnea Treatment

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Do you assume you sleep through the night but find yourself feeling exhausted during the day? Have you ever been told you snore loudly? If a sleep disorder is affecting the quality of your day, we recommend you visit our office as soon as possible to determine if sleep apnea treatment can help you enjoy more peaceful rest.

What to Expect from Sleep Apnea Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when your oral and throat muscles – which usually remain active while you sleep – over-relax and collapse. Partial relaxation of these muscles allows your throat tissues to touch, causing snoring. The full collapse results in sleep apnea, during which your airway becomes blocked and you stop breathing until your body wakes up and gasps for air.

However, you may not remember waking, and might believe that you actually slept soundly throughout the night. To treat sleep apnea, we offer a comfortable oral appliance that you wear each night while you sleep. It will gently reposition your lower jaw, helping your airway remain open so you can continue breathing peacefully.

Who Benefits from Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea can have devastating effects on your daily life, including fatigue, moodiness, problems with concentration, dry mouth and a sore throat upon waking, and total exhaustion. Treatment may also be necessary if you experience:

  • Frequent exhaustion during the day
  • Problems concentrating and remembering
  • Mood swings; irritability
  • Cotton mouth, especially when waking
  • A chronic sore throat in the morning
  • A sleep-deprived significant other

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