Our Endodontic Treatments

womanquestionglassesFirst things first, we recognize that while you may understand that your smile needs require specialized care, you might not know much about what to expect. If we have suggested endodontic care to improve your oral health, this means that we need to focus on the interior of your tooth – including your roots – where dental pulp lives. Once the pulp that lines your roots (tissue full of nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth functioning) becomes damaged, your tooth may quickly require an extraction. Fortunately, endodontic treatments can often rescue your tooth, so you can say goodbye to removal and hello to a protected smile.

Root Canal Therapy

This endodontic treatment is the first line of defense for an infected tooth. We will begin all endodontic services by first numbing your tooth and the area that surrounds it. Then, after making a very small opening in your tooth, we will remove your dental pulp. By cleaning out the interior portion of your tooth and your roots, we will clear away infection and bacteria. We will then seal the tooth and cover it with an esthetically pleasing crown for protection and a beautifully complete smile.


In some cases, a tooth will not properly heal after a root canal treatment. We will need to provide an endodontic treatment called re-treatment. Essentially, we will perform a second root canal. We will examine in the inside of your tooth, address concerns, ensure that it is completely clean and free of infection, re-seal it, and cover it.


If the tip of your tooth’s root becomes infected, we will offer an apicoectomy to remove the tip. We may then “retro-fill” your tooth, placing a filling to seal the opening.


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