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los-angeles-bracesIn today’s post, your Los Angeles, CA dentists answer patients’ questions about straightening their teeth with the innovative, metal-free Invisalign and Clear Correct braces. As you’ll read, invisible braces appeal to all ages and types of people, making them more versatile and popular than their metal predecessors.

Alternatives to Metal Braces

Anthony, 20, asks: “I just started at UCLA as a freshman majoring in theater. My teeth are pretty crooked, and I’ve been thinking about getting braces. The only problem is that I’m active in local plays and musicals, and I’m afraid that metal braces would make it hard to speak my lines clearly. I also don’t want to look like a teenager or anything, as I’ll be auditioning for mature roles. What are my options?”

Dr. Ramtin replies: A few years ago, you’d be out of luck. The good news is that now offer Invisalign and Clear Correct invisible braces. They’re perfect for anyone who worries that brackets, bands, and wires might interfere with speech or rub against the cheeks and gums. The aligners look somewhat like an athletic mouth guard, but they’re totally clear. They’re practically invisible when you wear them, too. By the way, I completed my undergrad studies at UCLA, too. Best of luck to you!

Concerns About Metal Braces

Wanda, 41, asks: “I just shelled out a few thousand dollars for my granddaughter to have metal braces, and I’ve actually been thinking about getting braces myself. One thing that concerns me is that her orthodontist said she had several cavities when the braces came off. She’s never had cavities before then. Could the same thing happen to me?”

Dr. Zarrinnam responds: Hello, Wanda. You’re absolutely right that tooth decay is a common problem for patients who wear traditional metal braces. It’s hard to floss with braces, and removing plaque and food from metal hardware is a constant struggle. This is another reason why we love Invisalign. When it’s time to brush your teeth or floss, you just pop out the aligners. The same goes for eating. You don’t have to worry about food getting stuck, and caring for your teeth and gums is so much easier.

Straighter Teeth in the Workplace

Li, 36, asks: “I’m up for a major promotion at work (I work in finance) and the competition is stiff, to say the least. One of my co-workers remembers reading something about how your teeth affect the way others perceive you in the workplace. My teeth are crooked, so naturally this concerns me. I don’t want metal braces because I feel they look unprofessional. What do you recommend?”

Dr. Khosrovani says: Your co-worker is absolutely right. Studies show that people whose teeth are healthy and straight are perceived as more professional, successful, approachable, and confident—all traits that bode well in the workplace. As my colleague mentioned earlier, metal braces are no longer the only option. We have many patients, from administrative assistants to executives, who’ve turned to Invisalign and Clear Correct to straighten their teeth. Nobody will know you’ll wearing them. Good luck!

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