Periodontics: Improve Your Confidence

womanthumbsupsmileIf you are dealing with any stage of gum disease, you may find that your smile doesn’t feel its best. You may experience minor bleeding when you brush, your gums may feel tender, and you might feel some discomfort when chewing. Or, if we detect the problem quite early, you may not be feeling much discomfort whatsoever. What is often inevitable, however, is feeling embarrassed by your smile as a result of gum health problems. Our suggestion? Seek periodontal treatment to address the concern, while quickly improving your appearance and your confidence.

About Your Swollen, Discolored Gums

Your gums might not look very good if you are dealing with gum disease. Common symptoms of periodontal problems include inflamed gum tissue, which occur when bacteria irritate your soft tissues. Your gums may also appear purple or display a bright red color. Rather than appearing healthy, your smile will look like it is in need of serious professional care. When you receive periodontal treatment with us, we will remove the bacteria causing inflammation and discoloration, while encouraging gum tissue to heal and return to a firm, pale pink appearance.

Improving Your Bad Breath

Have you been brushing and brushing and using mouthwash to try to deal with your bad breath but nothing is changing? If you are suffering from gum disease, you will find that you cannot reverse the problem with your own dental hygiene at home. In addition, no amount of home care can alleviate un-fresh breath if it is connected to bacteria trapped beneath your gumline. By seeking periodontal treatment with us, you will receive deep cleanings that remove that bacteria. As your oral health improves, so will your breath and your confidence.


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