Plaque Protection: Test Your Knowledge

womanthumbsupsmileIf we ask patients about the best way to protect their teeth from the harmful effects of plaque, most will respond with “daily brushing and flossing.” We might even receive an answer about scheduling consistent dental visits for cleanings and checkups. However, when pressed to give us some ideas regarding how to prevent plaque buildup on teeth during the day, we find that some patients could use a bit more education. Do you think you know all there is to know? Find out by taking a quick quiz (and incorporate any new tips that you learn into your daily hygiene).

Plaque Protection Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: Eating any snack that is free of artificial ingredients will keep your teeth safe from the harmful effects of plaque.
  2. True or False: You should brush and floss immediately after every meal.
  3. True or False: Water doesn’t really help with plaque in your mouth but it is certainly better than drinking sodas.

Dental Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. Anything sugary or high in carbohydrates – even natural foods like fruit – will not help the plaque situation in your mouth. Instead, it’s a good idea to reach for vegetables that can actually help scrape plaque from tooth surfaces as you eat. Calcium-rich foods are good, too (think cheese or other dairy products) for protecting your smile.
  2. False. You should never brush right after you eat. Instead, you should rinse your mouth out first and then brush after 30 minutes. To make this possible during the day, carry a travel toothbrush with you (and a mini toothpaste) to prevent plaque buildup. As for flossing – make sure you floss at least once daily.
  3. False. Water helps wash away the bacteria that harm your teeth and that lead to bad breath. This is always your best beverage choice when you want to prevent plaque buildup.


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