Porcelain Restorations For Your Smile

toothwhitesmoothWhen you receive the news that you need to improve the health of your smile with restorative dentistry, you may immediately wonder what that means for the beauty of your grin. In some cases, dentists rely on restorations that may result in darkened or unsightly teeth. Lucky for you, we use porcelain restorations to protect the loveliness of your smile, while returning you to excellent oral health. Learn more about the details to find out how porcelain can benefit your smile.

What’s So Exciting About Porcelain?

First, porcelain is quite natural looking. Like the translucent layers of your tooth tissue, we use layers of translucent porcelain to construct the porcelain restorations that will both improve the health and structure of your teeth while preserving their attractiveness. You will be happy to learn that we can match the color of porcelain to your tooth for a beautiful, seamless finish. In addition, porcelain is known for its resilience, so you can expect your restoration to last for a nice long while.

Types of Restorative Porcelain Treatments

Wondering what’s in store for you, regarding particular restorative treatments? Look over the following for a clearer understanding:

  • Dental Crowns: A porcelain crown is made out of layers of porcelain, custom-designed to fit over your natural tooth and to blend with your smile and alignment. We suggest a crown to address significant tooth damage or to protect a weak tooth.
  • Inlays: Don’t need a full dental crown? Well, if a dental filling is not sufficient, we may suggest a porcelain inlay. This is a restoration that we will craft to fit within a particular area of missing tooth tissue. Think of it as a puzzle piece. Inlays rest between your cusps.
  • Onlays: A porcelain onlay works just like an inlay – only the onlay restores missing cusps or missing tissue down the side of your tooth.


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