Q&A: Do You Need Orthodontic Care?

Q&AskyAre you interested in making your smile look better by aligning your teeth with orthodontic care? Perhaps you think you might need this type of treatment – but you aren’t certain. After all, in some instances, minor issues are easily addressed with cosmetic treatments. To help you make heads or tails of which direction to take, we encourage you to spend a moment thinking about questions (and answers) commonly helpful to our patients.

Q&A: Orthodontics

Question: I only have a couple small issues but in general my smile is aligned properly. Do I still need orthodontic care to make my smile look completely uniform?

Answer: If your smile is beautifully aligned but there are a couple minor issues – such as a small space between two teeth or a gently rotated tooth – you may not require orthodontics. Instead, we may be able to treat your problem with porcelain veneers.

Question: I’m dealing with bruxism and I have been told that it might have something to do with my misalignment. Does this mean that I need orthodontic care or do I simply need to stick with my bruxism treatment for improvement?

Answer: Your treatment will continue to prevent symptoms. However, to address the underlying concern, we will suggest you agree to orthodontics. As a result, you may be able to eradicate the presence of bruxism altogether.

Question: I’m really interested in seeking orthodontic care in the form of clear braces but I don’t know if I need this type of treatment for my particular misalignment. Can you clarify which issues you can treat with aligner trays like Invisalign or ClearCorrect?

Answer: Yes, we may address a smile that is suffering from overcrowding, teeth that have spaces between them, over bite, an under bite, open bite, or cross bite.


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