Q&A: Fixing Oral Health Problems Now

Q&AbuttonredYou may find yourself dismayed when you realize something is not quite right with your oral health. You had other plans, of course, that sounded far more exciting than taking the time to visit us to address an issue with your smile, you don’t like the idea of a dental visit, or you just want to wait – there are a lot of reasons you can come up with to avoid immediate restorative care. Take it from us: Acting with urgency is always best. Why? Let’s address this topic with some questions and answers.

Questions and Answers: Your Smile

Question: You offer a comprehensive selection of restorative treatment for my oral health, so do I really need to rush in to see you? I figure that even if things get a little bit worse, you can still help me, so why hurry?

Answer: It is true that we offer a long list of treatments to address your needs. However, it’s important to think realistically about what it means to wait, incur further damage, and then need to fix that problem: It means additional discomfort, more time-consuming care, higher costs, and the growing possibility of more serious side effects (like tooth loss and the need for tooth replacement).

Question: I want to fix my oral health. I’m just really anxious. Can you offer any help?

Answer: Of course we can. You may choose to receive sedation, so you may arrive feeling relaxed and experience a peaceful visit.

Question: What types of repairs can you make to my oral health?

Answer: We can address endodontic concerns, replace missing teeth, address decay and serious damage, and perform oral surgery.

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