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Have you ever received an oral cancer screening? According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, at least 43, 250 will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Screenings are vital because they allow your dentist to diagnose the disease in the earliest stages, boosting the chances of a full recovery. At A New Smile Dental Group, we offer residents of San Fernando and surrounding communities thorough and precise screenings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Cancer Screenings

Question: What does an oral cancer screening involve?

Answer: Using VELscope technology, our doctors exam your mouth with a handheld device. The entire screening takes less than two minutes and allows our team to clearly see potential signs of oral cancer.

Question: When should I receive an oral cancer screening?

Answer: As an adult, you should have a screening at least once a year. We typically offer these as part of our checkups. If you have any questions about our screenings or when you should have one, please contact our office.

Question: What are the common symptoms of oral cancer?

Answer: Patients may notice a number of signs, including sores or lesions on the mouth that persist after 14 days, difficulty swallowing or chewing, hoarseness, or hard spots in the mouth. Risk factors for oral cancer include smoking or tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive exposure to UV light, and being over the age of 55. In fact, over two thirds of patients with oral cancer are diagnosed over the age of 55.

Question: Will I need a biopsy?

Answer: If we discover possible signs of oral cancer, we may recommend a biopsy. A doctor will simply gather a sample of tissue from the affected area, which will be tested for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells.

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