Q&A: Oral Surgery

q&AfabricWhen you learn that you require oral surgery to address your oral health concern, you may find yourself immediately full of questions. This is a good thing! We are happy to provide you with answers, so you feel completely sure about what to expect. While we will offer you comprehensive instructions for pre- and post-surgery, we are also always glad to provide you with answers to any inquiries that may pop up. Begin with a few FAQs and answers, so you can feel positive about your treatment.

Questions and Answers: Oral Surgery

Question: Why do I need oral surgery instead of just a restorative treatment?

Answer: The concern affecting your oral health is complex in nature. To address and improve the issue at hand, we may need to take away tissue, replace tissue, or provide treatment that we cannot complete with general dentistry. For instance, you may need a tooth removed or replaced, or we may need to improve the appearance of your gums with a surgical approach.

Question: Will oral surgery be uncomfortable?

Answer: No, you will enjoy comfortable visits and treatments with us, whether you’re coming in for a filling or a surgical procedure, such as gum regeneration or implant placement. In addition to practicing with gentle, compassionate care, we provide sedation options for relaxing experiences.

Question: May I drive myself home after oral surgery?

Answer: No, you will need to arrange a ride from someone you trust, so you make it home safely. You may need your friend or loved one to stay with you for a bit once you arrive home until your sedation has worn off sufficiently.


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