Q&A: Protecting Your Teeth Whitening

womancoveringmouthchestnutAre you thinking ahead when it comes to teeth whitening, wondering if there will be an easy way to protect your newly bright smile? Or, have you already received whitening and have found yourself feeling extremely overprotective of your smile? The great news regarding safeguarding this cosmetic dentistry treatment is that you have a variety of simple-to-follow and quite easy to remember options for keeping your smile looking beautiful. For the information you need, consider answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

Questions and Answers: Protecting Whitened Teeth

Question: Should I avoid particular foods or drinks, so my smile stays nice and white after teeth whitening?

Answer: You may choose to avoid or limit extremely pigmented foods that stain (coffee, berries, and others) to decrease the chance of your smile becoming stained. This is a simple way to keep your teeth nice and white. However, you will learn in a moment that you don’t necessarily need to cut out staining foods and beverages.

Question: Am I going to need to buy a certain type of toothbrush or toothpaste to promote a smile that remains glittering and white?

Answer: No, we suggest you keep a soft-bristle toothbrush and your usual fluoridated toothpaste. It’s that simple.

Question: Should I brush my teeth as often as possible? Should I use additional force when I brush?

Answer: Twice daily brushing is essential. However, if you indulge in staining foods or like to snack, you can protect your teeth whitening by brushing after you eat or drink. This doesn’t mean changing your approach – gentle pressure is all you need for a clean smile. You do, however, need to rinse your mouth with water a half hour before you brush for enhanced protection against damage.


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