Q&A: Ready For Clear Braces?

Q&AbulletinDo you think you’re ready for clear braces? Are you thinking you might be close to ready but you are not really sure what to expect from every aspect of treatment? If so, we suggest you begin by scheduling time to speak with us, so we may respond to every last inquiry. For now, learn a bit more about your preparedness with a simple question-and-answer session.

Q&A Session

Question: I think I’m ready for clear braces but I’m still curious if I will have to change the foods I eat – or if dental hygiene will become more complicated. Will these aspects of my life change?

Answer: Fortunately, one of the main advantages of systems like Invisalign and ClearCorrect is the fact that you may remove the aligner trays from your smile during the day. As a result, you can continue to brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and eat just like you usually do.

Question: I’m aware that you offer two different types of clear braces but I don’t know which one to pick. How should I go about deciding?

Answer: You will not need to make this decision on your own. Instead, we ask that you schedule a consultation with us, so we may meet with you to inspect your smile, discuss treatment goals, and explain which treatment best suits your smile.

Question: I recognize that I won’t have to wear my trays all the time – only most of the time. Can you clear up for me how many hours a day I can take the trays out?

Answer: Yes, you may remove the trays for up to four hours a day. You will need to plan ways to keep up with your trays, so you do not accidentally leave them at home (or at work, etc).


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