Q&A: Tooth Infections

questionmarkyellowIf you have never experienced a tooth infection, you may be surprised when we suggest root canal therapy to repair your oral health. You see, an infection is serious business. When you neglect this problem, dangerous side effects may occur that can result in complications and a need for additional restorative care. The good news is that offering treatment prevents an abscess, stops the infection from spreading, and can save your tooth. The not-so-great news is that if you wait too long, a root canal may no longer be an option. Learn more about how to recognize and quickly address infection to protect your smile.

Questions and Answers: Tooth Infections

Question: How do I know if my tooth is infected?

Answer: Fortunately, by scheduling six-month visits, we can detect an infection when it begins. However, if a problem occurs between appointments, symptoms to watch for include painful chewing, bad breath, teeth that feel sensitive to temperature extremes, a bad taste in your mouth, a throbbing tooth, and even a fever.

Question: How does root canal therapy clear the infection and save my tooth?

Answer: A tooth infection means your dental pulp – the tissue within your tooth and its roots – is infected and inflamed. Root canal therapy removes all of the tissue from within your tooth. We may also apply antibiotics to address infection. We then close your tooth by sealing it and typically cover the remaining tissue with a crown.

Question: How can I avoid a tooth infection in the future?

Answer: Infections occur when bacteria enter your tooth, so keeping your teeth clean and strong is key. Maintain consistent cleaning and checkups, brush and floss your teeth at home, and schedule restorations immediately (when necessary) to prevent bacterial invasion.


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