Q&A: What Makes Implants Unique?

questionstickiesHave you been hearing information from friends about what makes dental implants unique when compared with other treatments? Perhaps you are worried that you are simply being taken in by flashy promises that are actually untrue. Rather than continuing to simply wonder about implants, we encourage you to learn a lot more about them by scheduling a consultation with our team. In the meantime, find out some additional details regarding what’s real – and what isn’t – with a quick Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Implants

Question: Does a dental implant really replace an entire tooth? Or, is it actually just like other replacement options?

Answer: The implant itself is a post that replaces only your roots, not your entire tooth. However, we will restore (or place a prosthetic tooth) on top of the implant. As a result, you will enjoy a full tooth replacement.

Question: A friend mentioned that a dental implant will keep my face looking youthful when compared with the protection I will receive from other prosthetics like dental bridges or dentures. Is this true?

Answer: This may prove true. The only tooth replacement that replaces your roots is a dental implant. This will protect your jawbone from deteriorating (a problem that may lead to facial collapse).

Question: I’ve been hearing that dental implants can last for the rest of my life and will not need any kind of repairs. Is there truth to this or is it just a rumor?

Answer: It’s true that implants may last a lifetime. Keep in mind that while the implant that we have placed within your jawbone may remain in good shape forever – the restoration we use to replace the crown of your tooth or teeth (whether we use a dental crown, bridge, or denture) may require an occasional repair.


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