Q&A: Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

Q&AbulletinDo you find that you have a variety of questions about why your teeth are discolored and what to do about it? Perhaps you have a hunch regarding the underlying cause but you’re not sure how to remove stains to reveal a whiter smile. Or, you may be wondering what type of care is required for the the type of staining you’re experiencing. Whatever the case, we are happy to provide you with some helpful answers about staining and how cosmetic treatments may help.

Q&A: Cosmetic Treatments and Teeth Staining

Question: I don’t smoke cigarettes but I do use tobacco – will this cause my teeth to become stained?

Answer: Yes, tobacco is a contributing culprit to a variety of problems, including yellowing, general discoloration, and even gum disease and oral cancer. Quitting is the best way to prevent additional problems. As for the cosmetic damage that has been done, we offer cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening to remove stains.

Question: Why does my tooth look discolored on the inside?

Answer: This is discoloration that may occur as the result of trauma. You may see blood that has gathered within the tooth, the dentin (internal tissue layer) may have discolored as the result of root canal treatment, medicines like tetracycline may result in intrinsic staining, or your tooth may have died. Fortunately, we offer cosmetic treatments like porcelain crowns to cover discolored or seriously injured teeth.

Question: I drink wine and coffee, which I think has caused my teeth to stain. What can I do to improve my smile?

Answer: It’s true that highly pigmented foods and beverages will stain your smile. Fortunately, cosmetic treatments will help – from teeth whitening to veneers or crowns, we offer a variety of solutions. To keep your smile looking good, remember to rinse your mouth with water after you indulge in these beverages. Brush your teeth 30 minutes later and you can stop worrying about stains.


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