Q&A: Your Child’s Toothache

Q&A Your Child's ToothacheOne of the most difficult moments in a parent’s life is when a child is experiencing discomfort. Figuring out how to respond to a toothache can be extremely confusing because this type of dental discomfort may mean a variety of things. How do you know whether you need to jump into action or what to do? Fortunately, all it takes is following some simple guidelines. While we are always happy to go into more detail when you visit us, we recommend beginning with an informative question-and-answer session about your child’s oral health.

Q&A: Children’s Toothaches

Question: How do I know if a toothache is a sign that something is wrong with my child’s oral health or a random source of discomfort that will go away?

Answer: You don’t. This is why we suggest scheduling a visit with us if the toothache is severe or if it lasts longer than 48 hours – this may be a sign that your child’s tooth has a cavity or is infected.

Question: How do I deal with my child’s discomfort in the meantime? Can I do something to alleviate the toothache?

Answer: Of course. We suggest providing your child with a children’s over-the-counter pain reliever according to the directions on the package. You may also place a cold compress over an area that feels tender or swollen for relief.

Question: Can I do any investigative work to try to fix the toothache or should I leave that up to you?

Answer: Initially, we suggest taking a look at your child’s teeth to see if there are any breaks or if any debris is lodged between teeth – you can gently floss to see if this removes the food. Otherwise, we suggest waiting for your visit, so we can thoroughly examine your child’s smile for oral health problems like a cavity. 


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