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We’re midway through August, which means for many children school is about to start. Amid the school shopping and preparation, don’t forget to bring your child by for a visit. We encourage our patients and their families to attend a back to school exam. Our doctors and dental team can ensure your smiles are bright and healthy before you start your first day back to school.

Back to School Visits Quiz

1. True or False: All kids need a back to school visit.

2. True or False: Checkups allow the dentist to exam your smile.

3. True or False: A dental cleaning removes plaque buildup.

4. True or False: Our doctors can discuss the best homecare methods.

Answer Key

1. True. From kindergarten to high school and college, all kids and young adults benefit from a back to school visit. During the school year, finding the time to see the dentist can be difficult. Take advantage of a lighter summer schedule and see us today.

2. True. During a checkup, our doctors will carefully exam your teeth and gums for any indicators of developing dental issues. We can then recommend a number of treatment options to make sure you have a healthy smile before you return to school.

3. True. With a dental cleaning, we remove the plaque buildup that stains your teeth and increases the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. A cleaning offers a brighter smile, fresher breath, and a healthier smile in one short visit.

4. True. We want you to always enjoy a beautiful smile and good oral homecare can help. We will discuss tips on proper brushing and flossing, as well as alternatives to snacks and drinks soaked in sugar and other starches.

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