Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry In One

womanquestionbunA very common question we receive from patients is whether restorative and cosmetic dentistry can occur within a single treatment. The answer is, “Yes!” When it comes to restoring problems with your teeth, such as tooth decay, the last thing we want is to improve your oral health but to have you leave our practice feeling unhappy with the appearance of your smile. By offering restorative dentistry treatments that also restore the beauty of your smile, we can ensure our patients feel relaxed and confident about their dental care. Ready to learn more about how these two fields of dentistry can work together? Look over the following explanations:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

On a restorative level, you require a dental filling because you are suffering from tooth decay. This occurs when plaque eats away at your tooth tissue until a point in the outer layer collapses. It will begin as a small hole – or cavity – that continues to grow and develop. Unlike metal fillings, we offer tooth-colored fillings. What’s the difference? Well, a metal filling can darken the appearance of your tooth. It may also be visible when you speak or smile, depending on the location of your tooth. A tooth-colored filling is metal free and made of composite. We will match the composite to the color of the affected tooth, so the finished product includes a tooth that looks whole and healthy again – it will not look dark or damaged but beautiful and natural, thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain Restorations

Porcelain is a material that looks similar to natural tooth tissue. We can color-match your porcelain restoration to your surrounding tooth or smile for a beautiful finish so, just like with tooth-colored fillings, your tooth will look good as new. If you suffer from significant tooth tissue damage between the cusps – or outward projections – of your tooth, we may suggest a porcelain inlay to restore the tissue and integrity of your tooth. We offer onlays, a similar treatment, to replace lost tissue along the side of your tooth or a damaged cusp. Or, for patients suffering from a tooth with significant, comprehensive damage or weakening, we may place a porcelain crown (or hollow prosthetic tooth) over your natural tooth for a lovely finish provided by both restorative and cosmetic dentistry.


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