Restorative Dentistry: Repairs and Protection

toothbandageWhen you hear the term “restorative” you know that it refers to bringing something back to its original state. However, you may not be fully informed regarding restorative dentistry and its details. For instance, this area of dentistry most definitely repairs your smile. But did you know that in some ways it can protect your smile, as well? Learn more about the exceptional way in which restorative care helps with your oral health and the types of treatments we offer, so you know what to expect.


How Does Restorative Dentistry Repair?

Restorative dentistry replaces missing tissue, covers seriously damaged areas, and works to restore the health and structure of your mouth. For example, if you have a cavity, we will use a dental filling to remove the decay and fill your tooth, making it whole again. If your tooth is infected, we will remove the infection and re-seal your tooth with root canal therapy and then cover it with a crown. You can expect to return to your original state of function, oral health, and smile beauty.

How Does It Protect?

If your mouth is not in great health or if your teeth have become damaged, you are at risk of further complications. For instance, if you ignore the cavity in your tooth, the progression of tooth decay may lead to a broken tooth. If you ignore an infection, the problem may abscess or infect surrounding tissues. By agreeing to restorative dentistry right away, you can protect your smile from further problems and the need for extensive treatment.


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