Root Canal Therapy: Q&A Session

womanquestionchalkAre you feeling the desire to be a bit of a rebel and play hooky when it comes to showing up for your root canal therapy? Perhaps you are aware that root canals can save an infected tooth, so you do not need an extraction, but you have some questions you would like answered about what happens after the treatment is complete. Rather than worrying yourself over details or shirking away from a truly effective option to protect your smile, we encourage you to ask your questions. Begin by considering some information that patients commonly seek regarding this particular restorative treatment.

Root Canal Q&A Session

Question: What happens if I don’t want to schedule my root canal visit?

Answer: If you’re uninterested in scheduling your root canal visit, we encourage you to speak with us about the reasons why, so we can reassure you. Unfortunately, choosing to avoid treatment may cause serious side effects that will result in the loss of your tooth. Before that happens, however, you may find yourself with a painful abscess. Or, if the infection leaks from the isolated area, it can affect nearby tissues and may even enter your bloodstream.

Question: What will happen to my tooth after you finish the root canal treatment? Will it look healthy or unhealthy?

Answer: We will cover it with a gorgeous dental crown made of a lifelike material, such as porcelain. The crown will blend with your smile for an esthetically pleasing finish.

Question: What happens if a root canal treatment doesn’t work successfully?

Answer: We will provide you with root canal re-treatment to address any continuing problems, re-seal, and re-cover your tooth.


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