Why Root Canal Treatment Is a GOOD Thing

root-canal-los-angelesFew dental procedures are as misunderstood as the humble root canal treatment. It’s not unusual to hear someone use root canals as the yardstick against which all unpleasant things are measured. As dental professionals committed to your comfort and oral health, the dentists at A Briter Smile Dental Group feel this bias should be addressed once and for all. If you have an infected tooth and suspect you may need treatment for a root canal in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll appreciate these insights.

It Prevents the Spread of Infection

The purpose of root canal therapy is to remove infected nerves and tissue from within the affected tooth. After removing the tissue and any debris, your dentist will carefully seal the area and top it with a dental crown. Not only does this allow you to continue using your tooth; it also prevents an infection from spreading to your gum tissue or the surrounding teeth.

It Could Save Your Tooth

We often see patients whose fear of root canal therapy leads them to avoid seeking any type of treatment whatsoever. This is unfortunate because it could very well result in the loss of your tooth. As the blood supply to your infected tooth is slowly cut off, the tooth begins to darken and die, at which point we call it non-vital. Eventually, the tooth will simply fall out on its own. Once you lose your tooth, you’ll need to replace it with a partial denture, bridge, or dental implant. This process can be costly and time-consuming; it’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible.

It Treats Pain Rather Than Cause It

The procedure has a reputation for being painful, which is unfair. Yes, it is normal to experience some discomfort following your treatment, but can’t this be said of practically any procedure? Think of it this way: If you break your arm, you know that you’ll need to have the bone reset and placed in a cast to heal. As you can imagine, you will most likely experience discomfort while the surgeon treats your arm. It hurts, but it’s far less painful in the short run than facing months or even years of pain that would plague you without treatment. A root canal treatment is no different.

About Your Los Angeles Dentists

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