Save Your Smile With Porcelain Crowns

dentalcrownIf you have found out that your tooth is too significantly damaged for a filling or another common treatment, you may feel disappointed that you are in need of serious restorative care. However, you may find yourself jumping for joy when you find out we can provide you with a beautiful porcelain crown to repair your tooth. Not only will you be able to avoid an extraction but you will also be able to enjoy a restored smile that looks as good as it feels. Ready to find out more about this type of crown and how it may benefit you? Read further:

Need A Crown?

You may need a crown for a variety of reasons, some of which will seem quite different from one another. For instance, you may require a crown because your tooth is suffering from severe cosmetic damage that we cannot treat with other services, such as porcelain veneers. Or, you may have just received root canal therapy and you require a crown to cover your remaining tooth for sufficient support and protection. Other patients may require crowns to save a tooth from extraction in the case of severe tooth decay or breakage. The good new is that when your tooth is “on its last leg” a crown can help.

Why Porcelain?

You have probably seen individuals with metal crowns and worry that the beauty of your smile will become interrupted by the need for a dental crown. This is why we offer porcelain crowns. Custom-crafted out of layers of porcelain, the crown will look lifelike and quite similar to your own tooth. So similar, in fact, as a result of its translucence and the fact that we will color-match the crown to your surrounding smile, that the finished result will look completely natural.


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