Sedation: Is It Right for You?

womanrelaxedsunflowersHave you ever wished you could visit the dentist and enjoy a dream-like, relaxed state throughout your appointment rather than feeling extraordinarily aware of every detail? We find that many patients often assume they will be judged for not being brave enough to simply show up and feel ready for dental care. However, this is simply not the case. Millions of individuals suffer from problems, like dental anxiety, that keep them from feeling comfortable enough to seek care. We would like to extend to you our empathy and encourage you to consider sedation options for a more tranquil visit. Wondering if sedation is something that applies to you? You may be surprised to find out that most people do, in fact, qualify for the following reasons:

You Are Anxious

Whether you suffer from mild anxiety, moderate nerves, or the idea of even calling our practice makes you break out in a cold sweat, you make a good candidate for sedation. The goal is to set you at ease, so you feel comfortable in the chair and throughout your visit. After having a relaxing appointment, you will be more likely to reflect on how easy it was, making future visits more likely to occur. Please do not hesitate to bring up your anxiety, so we can provide you with sedation options that work for you.

You Have Gagging Issues

No, this is not simply something to feel embarrassed about and you are not the only one. Some people suffer from a severe gag reflex, which can make an appointment quite uncomfortable. If attempting to relax on your own is just not working, speak with us about sedation. This solution is offered to individuals just like yourself much more often than you might think.

You Require Extensive Work

Sitting in the chair for an extended period of time can begin to feel exhausting, even if you tend to feel relaxed naturally. If you would like to visit us and accomplish a lot of work within a single visit, you may wish to choose sedation. The extra relaxation will allow you to feel like the time has gone by quite quickly, for a more enjoyable experience.


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