Sleep Apnea: It’s Complicated

sleepapneacouple2Like most oral concerns, sleep apnea is a complicated disorder that can affect many facets of your daily life. Rather than brushing off a suggestion for sleep apnea treatment, we encourage you to take the recommendation very seriously. Not only does a lack of sleep wreak havoc on your ability to make it comfortably through the day but it may also result in long-term health side effects. What’s worse is that you may not be taking into consideration the way your nightly sleep loss is seeping into most parts of your daily life. We invite you to learn a bit more with the intention of causing a bit more urgency when it comes to seeking treatment. Look over the following:

Sleep Apnea Can Harm You

Even a single night without enough sleep can cause you to feel extremely exhausted and moody the following day. Now imagine you have been suffering from this problem for months or even years. Your fatigue never ends and your body ceases to have time to repair itself. The result? Serious health problems. By seeking sleep apnea treatment you may protect yourself against common associated risk factors, such as high blood pressure, liver problems, and an increased likelihood of dealing with cardiac concerns.

Sleep Apnea Is A Relationship Harmer

Think about your social life and your closer relationships. If you fail to feel rested, you will feel moody and may not be able to function up to full capacity. This can affect your relationship with friends and even acquaintances. Colleagues or supervisors may notice you’re not doing your best. And the worst: You will likely wake up a significant other that sleeps next to you each night, resulting in two people suffering from symptoms rather than one.

Sleep Apnea May Harm Others

Have you found that driving a car feels a bit dangerous because you sometimes feel like you may nod off? This is actually extremely dangerous. If you are not getting adequate sleep each night, your ability to safely operate heavy machinery becomes a serious threat to those around you. Seek sleep apnea treatment to protect yourself and others.


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