Sleep Apnea Quiz: True-or-False

shutterstock_196063481Maybe your significant other has teased you in the past for a snoring like a chainsaw. Or perhaps you have begun to recognize that you are feeling particularly tired during the day even though you feel certain you have gotten a solid night of sleep. Unfortunately, the symptoms of sleep apnea are often hard to pinpoint for the sufferer – the main symptom of waking in the night to gasp for air is often completely forgotten by morning because it happens so quickly. We encourage patients to take the following quiz to learn more about common symptoms. If you think you may suffer from this sleep disorder, please let us know during your next visit.

Sleep Apnea Quiz:

True or False: The “waking event” that occurs when you suddenly wake up during the night, gasping for air, typically only happens once.

True or False: One problematic symptom of this disorder is that it may affect your relationship with your significant other in a negative way.

True or False: You may be slightly tired but in most ways you will still seem like your usual self.

True or False: A common indicator that you suffer from this sleep disorder is a sore throat upon waking.

True or False: Visiting our team for sleep apnea treatment may improve your ability to sleep at night as well as your daily comfort.

Quiz Answers:

False. This event may occur multiple times per hour, which is why many patients find themselves exhausted even though they think they have slept through the night.

True. If you are waking your significant other up during the night on multiple occasions, chances are, you are both feeling exhausted.

False. Patients typically find that they feel cranky and moody during the day – they often report having difficulty concentrating, as well.

True. You may wake with a sore throat in the morning as well as dry mouth.

True. We may offer oral appliance therapy – a comfortable, noninvasive method of improving your ability to breathe comfortably and consistently through the night.


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