Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2015

stockingsHave you been thinking about all of the candy, red wine, and other not-great-for-your-smile gifts you have purchased (or plan to enjoy at your holiday party) this year? Does this result in a snowball effect in which you start to visualize the smiles of your loved ones quickly becoming lackluster and full of cavities? While the transformation will surely not occur that quickly, there is something you can do to protect the smiles of those closest to you. Stuff some preventive care presents into their stockings – they’re more exciting than you might think!

Upgrade Their Toothbrushes

You have a couple options here. If you have been purchasing the most budget friendly brushes you can find and the whole family keeps begging for an upgrade, reach for those somewhat more luxurious toothbrushes in the dental hygiene aisle (just make sure they have soft bristles). Or, for a huge upgrade (perhaps this belongs in a box with gift wrap rather than in a stocking), select electric toothbrushes – they provide exceptional preventive care all year long.

Give Travel-Friendly Options

Preventive care is something that you can accomplish all day. However, when you’re away from your toothbrush and paste, this can become tricky. Stuff some one-use, disposable toothbrush replacements into stockings or a travel-size brush and paste.

Sugarless Gum, Of Course

Everyone loves anything that resembles candy in any form but we all know that foods full of sugar promote tooth decay. Take a fun approach at offering a treat by slipping a pack of sugar-free gum (or two) into those stockings. If it’s a lazy holiday morning, chewing some gum after indulging in candy or sweet drinks is a simple way to keep smiles clean and healthy until it’s time to brush.


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