Surprising Tooth Brushing Tips

tipshelpfulDo you think you know everything there is to know about brushing your teeth? Do you brush two times a day with nonabrasive toothpaste? If so, you’re certainly on the right track. However, even patients who practice exceptional dental hygiene on a daily basis can fall victim to some brushing no-nos. Don’t let some unnoticed details negatively affect all of that effort you’ve been putting forth to maintain a healthy smile. Instead, we invite you to consider some simple yet effective tips for improved brushing.

Tip #1: Don’t Drink And Brush

You may already know that it’s a bad idea to eat and then brush your teeth immediately afterwards. However, did you know the same is true for drinking anything other than water or milk? Most beverages, such as coffee, juice, or soda, create an acid environment in your mouth, which can damage your enamel (and lead to cavities). As a result, if you drink and brush right away, you may harm your teeth rather than protect them. Protect your smile by rinsing with water after you drink. Then, wait 30 minutes before brushing to make sure it’s safe.

Tip #2: Dedicate Time For Brushing

Are you walking around the house during your morning dental hygiene routine, trying to get ready for the day? Do you brush while you’re checking your email? It’s possible that you’re doing a good job. However, standing in front of the sink, while giving your complete attention to cleaning your smile is best. This ensures you focus completely on cleaning every surface.

Tip #3: Let Bristles Dry Between Brushings

When you’re on the go or traveling, you obviously cover your brush in some fashion after you brush your teeth (which is a good idea). However, it’s important to let your bristles dry at some point, so the brush does not remain consistently wet. Why? Bacteria like wetness, which allows them to multiply. Let those bristles air out when you have a chance, so you can avoid a yucky brush and compromised dental hygiene.


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