Teeth Whitening Didn’t Work! Now What?

When teeth whitening doesn't workAs anyone who has ever whitened his teeth will tell you, there is much anticipation about what results you might end up with. After all, your smile is potentially one of your strongest assets, and it truly does say a great deal about you. If the results aren’t exactly what you had hoped for, don’t give up the cause just yet. We offer a number of treatments designed to improve the look of your teeth when teeth whitening just doesn’t cut it.

Laminate Veneers
Teeth whitening makes teeth appear whiter by targeting the enamel, whereas a laminate veneer actually sits atop the surface of the tooth. Although the material is translucent, it can nonetheless mask even the most severe discoloration and still look perfectly natural. Veneers are also ideal if you want to improve several aspects of your teeth, such as their size or shape, or for subtly filling in a gap between two teeth.
Porcelain Dental Crowns
When most people think about dental crowns, they conjure up images of flashy gold and silver. The good news is that we now offer tooth-colored crowns crafted of lifelike porcelain, as well as crowns made from zirconia. Because the crown actually covers a portion of the tooth, the stained area is no longer visible. Crowns also generally require a more modest investment than veneers. We also use crowns to reinforce a tooth that is at risk of developing further decay or damage.
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