Teeth Whitening For Serious Discoloration

smilestraightwhiteYou may have been searching for a quite a while to identify a whitening option that offers you a truly stunning transformation without harming your teeth or leading to significant sensitivity. Whether you simply want a brilliant white smile or if you have some difficult-to-treat discoloration, you will be happy to learn more about our professional teeth whitening system called Kor Whitening. The system offers powerful stain lifting, while protecting your smile. So before you run out to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) products or assume you will need porcelain veneers, explore the details associated with our whitening:

It’s A Two-Part Process

In most cases, whitening systems require you to make an in-office visit for accelerated whitening or to whiten on your own at home. For the exceptional results you desire, Kor Whitening includes two major steps for a whiter smile. First, you will visit us for impressions, so we may provide you with custom-fitted trays and bleaching gel. You will begin by whitening your teeth at home, wearing gel-filled trays every night for approximately two weeks. Then, to achieve optimal whitening and brightening, you will visit us for a follow-up, in-office visit. We will provide you with a final whitening treatment and your smile will look up to 16 shades whiter (sometimes more).

Kor Whitening Offers Versatile Whitening

Deep whitening is appropriate for a wide array of patients, including those aged approximately 14 years and older. We can address most types of discoloration, including that caused by the aging process, tobacco use, staining foods and drinks, and even tetracycline use. However, if you are looking for a way to whiten your prosthetics, such as crowns or veneers, we will need to suggest other options.


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