Teeth Whitening: Your Questions

womanwonderingHow much do you really know about teeth whitening? Does the idea of attaining a brighter, glowing smile actually result in a smile taking shape on your face? If so, we encourage you to learn more about this cosmetic treatment, which can offer exceptional benefits. In addition to enjoying a sparkling grin, you can expect to enjoy a major boost in confidence. We are well aware that you probably have a long and varied list of questions you would like to ask us about addressing discoloration. While we always invite you to schedule a visit for a cosmetic consultation, we offer some answers to frequently asked questions as a way to kickstart your journey.

Questions and Answers: About Teeth Whitening

Question: Why can’t I just whiten my teeth with whitening options like over-the-counter (OTC) products?

Answer: These products may help eliminate extremely mild surface stains. However, they will not offer the custom formulas that we provide our patients, which are carefully made to protect teeth from sensitivity and dehydration. The universal formulas of OTC products may, unfortunately, cause discomfort and damage without revealing the desired results.

Question: What if I haven’t responded well to teeth whitening in the past or I’m just not interested in whitening my smile with bleaching gel?

Answer: We offer a variety of cosmetic treatment options to whiten your smile. You may wish to choose veneers, which are super-thin ceramic shells that we will bond to the viewable surface of your teeth after customizing their color, size, and shape.

Question: Is teeth whitening impressive or will I just notice a subtle difference?

Answer: Whitening offers exceptional results – you can expect your smile to appear dramatically whiter.


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