The Gift Of Oral Surgery

christmasgiftsredTrue, you have probably never considered placing oral surgery on the top of your gift list for any type of holiday or celebration. However, as the 2015 holidays continue their arrival, we suggest beginning to think about giving your smile a gift this holiday season. First, you might want to consider improving your oral health by removing teeth that are sure to cause you grief as 2016 arrives. Or, if replacing teeth is something that has been on your mind, now is a wonderful time to move forward with plans to learn more about completing your smile.

Oral Surgery To Remove A Problem

Have you recently discovered that you need wisdom teeth removal? Are you dealing with daily discomfort or have we explained that your incoming third molars may damage your alignment? Neglecting a developing problem with these teeth can result in significant side effects, which is why we suggest scheduling oral surgery as soon as possible. The result? You will enjoy 2016 with a smile protected from the potential threat of poorly developing wisdom teeth.

Oral Surgery To Replace Teeth

If removing teeth isn’t something that you need but replacing teeth is certainly something you’ve been considering then speak with us about dental implants. The process can take many months to a year for full completion, which is why beginning now is a wonderful way to set a goal. Imagine a full, stable smile by this time next year! You will begin with implant placement with oral surgery and end with a smile that will look beautiful and will function well for as long as a lifetime. Schedule a consultation today.


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