There’s More To Decay Than Meets The Eye

sugarYou all know about tooth decay. It’s when you get a cavity. Cavities are caused by sugar, so if you don’t eat candy because candy is high in sugar, you won’t get cavities. True or False? The fact is there is a lot more going on in your mouth than whether or not you eat sugar. Sugars are not the direct cause of tooth decay. There are several other factors that work together to cause decay. There is more to decay than meets the eye.

Sugar and Tooth Decay

Although sugar has gotten the blame for years for causing tooth decay, the truth is that sugar works as more of a catalyst for decay than causing the decay itself. What really cause tooth decay are acids, but if it weren’t for the sugars in your mouth there would be no acids in your mouth. The steps of tooth decay include:

  1. You eat a piece of candy or drink a sugary drink.
  2. The sugar remains in your mouth unless you rinse with water or brush immediately.
  3. Your mouth harbors over 700 kinds of bacteria some of which cause cavities.
  4. The cavity causing bacteria cannot cause cavities until they feed on the sugar leftover in your mouth from the sugary candy.
  5. The cavity causing bacteria love sugar as much as you do. However, when the bacteria feed on the sugar they excrete acid.
  6. The acid eats away at your tooth enamel forming a cavity.
  7. Starches such as potato chips, bread, etc. are broken down to sugars in your mouth by your saliva, so a diet high in sugars and starches contributes to tooth decay.


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