Tooth Replacement: Your Support Options

choicesrainbowHave you discovered as you learn more about how to replace your teeth that in addition to many devices – you have different support options? It’s true, if you’re choosing anything other than single implants for your smile, you may choose to rely on traditional or implant-supported prosthetics. While you may be happy to find out you have an even greater variety of choices at your disposal, this may end up causing more confusion. Let’s address the topic of prosthetic support for the moment, so you may more easily navigate your decisions about tooth replacement.

About Traditional Support

Choosing a traditionally supported prosthetic instead of an implant-supported prosthetic means that you will not undergo surgery. The process to receive your device will remain completely noninvasive. The support will rely solely on the structures already present within your mouth, including your gums or your teeth. Consider the following:

  • Dental Bridges: A bridge with traditional support will rely on support from your teeth. We will bond each end of the bridge (composed of a crown on either end) over your natural teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: A partial denture will rest over your gum tissue (natural suction occurs) and relies in part on connected clasps that will fit over your teeth.
  • Full Dentures: Full dentures rely wholly on natural suction that occurs when the denture is worn over your entire dental ridge.

About Implant Support

Your implant-supported prosthetic will require surgery. Before the partial denture, bridge, or full denture is provided, you will receive dental implants strategically placed (generally within fewer spaces than you have missing teeth). Once you recover, you will receive a prosthetic device constructed to fit snugly over the posts for stability that typically surpasses that experienced with traditional support.


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