Untreated Toothaches Can Become a Real Headache

Common causes of toothachesThere’s nothing like a toothache to ruin a perfectly good day. One minute you’re enjoying your favorite meal or sitting down with friends, the next you’re clutching your jaw and wondering what you did to deserve such discomfort. Of course, the answer is probably that you didn’t do anything to deserve it, but it’s possible that you could have prevented it. Your dentists take a look at the most common, preventable causes of toothaches in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Untreated Tooth Decay

Nobody welcomes the idea of needing a filling for a cavity, but rest assured a filling is more pleasant than the alternative. Neglecting a tooth that has been affected by decay will cause the affected area to grow larger, and eventually not even a dental crown will be able to restore your tooth. As the enamel and dentin wear down, nerves within your tooth are exposed to the elements. Your best bet is to seek treatment from your SF Valley dentist as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the tooth may eventually need to be removed entirely.

Ignoring an Infection

What begins as a minor toothache can quickly escalate, indicating the presence of an infection. The sooner you visit your dentist, the sooner you can find relief from the intense pain that accompanies an infection of the tooth or gum tissue. Intervention is also needed to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth and tissues, leading to even greater pain and even the need for root canal therapy or an extraction.

Toothache or Sensitivity?

It’s easy to mistake tooth sensitivity for a toothache, but they’re actually different. A toothache generally affects only one tooth, whereas sensitivity affects several teeth in the same area, if not all of the teeth. You usually experience sensitivity in response to some sort of stimulus, such as eating hot soup or sipping an iced drink. Alternately, your teeth may be sensitive only when you brush them. Most sensitivity results from weakened or eroded tooth enamel. This can be caused by eating an acidic diet or brushing your teeth too aggressively.

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