Turkey Day And Your Smile

thanksgivinggourdsAre you worried about Thanksgiving but not for the usual reasons? Are you completely fine with the extraordinary amount of preparation it takes – and you’re even fine with all the holiday gifts you still need to select and purchase – but it’s your teeth that have you worried? Fortunately, your smile will remain in good shape if you follow some simple suggestions. By remaining mindful of preventive solutions to keep your teeth healthy and damage-free, you can expect to wake up the Friday after Turkey Day free of dental care guilt.

Avoiding Cavities Over Thanksgiving

You have some preventive solutions at your disposal, even if you love eating all day long and indulging in yummy desserts. First, make your snacks healthy, rather than grazing on sugar throughout most of the day. Cheese, nuts, veggies – these are all great for your teeth. If you’re going to indulge in something sweet, consider two options. First, make sure you rinse your mouth afterwards and then brush your teeth 30 minutes later. If brushing is out of the question, make sure you follow sweet things by drinking water to rinse away some of those sugar particles.

Keeping Your Smile Intact During Turkey Day

First, the best preventive solution to follow when it comes to anything too hard or sticky to break with your teeth is to create smaller pieces with your hands or other tools first – then eat. As for sticky treats, they’re simply something you should avoid because they can quickly destroy restorations like fillings. Instead, reach for a caramel- or toffee- flavored cocoa or a coffee drink (just remember to rinse and brush afterwards).


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