Understanding Bad Breath

womancoveringmouthbangsDo you understand why you have bad breath? Are you under the impression that it must be the foods you’re eating – until, of course, you stop eating them and your breath still needs some serious help? We encourage you to become more familiar with this common oral health issue. As a result, you will feel less frustrated, more informed, and more motivated and prepared to address the problem. Rest assured, whatever the problem, fresh breath is certainly in your future.

We Call It Halitosis

If you keep hearing us mention that you’re suffering from halitosis, this is simply the clinical term for bad breath. As you have realized, it is a dental concern that may come about due to a variety of minor causes or more complicated underlying issues. It is, fortunately, highly treatable.

When It’s Not Smelly Food

So, you’ve stopped eating tons of garlic, adding onions to every meal, and chowing down on salami. However, your breath is still not in great shape. Here’s the likely problem: Bacteria. You have a mix of good and bad bacteria in your mouth. The unfriendly ones break down the food particles in your mouth, releasing acids and yucky odors in the process. The more bacteria building up in there – the worse your bad breath becomes. Common causes of excess bacteria may include dry mouth, periodontal disease, or poor dental hygiene.

Come See Us

It’s a wonderful plan to come see us for a dental checkup. As a result, you won’t have to do any guesswork regarding your bad breath. Instead, we will help you narrow down the specific problem. Then, we will give you instructions regarding any necessary follow-up treatments as well as suggestions for home care.


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