Veneers: Your Common Questions

womanquestionhandDeciding that you want to improve your smile with laminate veneers is always the type of choice that can make you feel like you’re floating around on a cloud, happy as can be. However, you may find yourself dealing with the sudden gloom of a few impending storm clouds as realistic and legitimate concerns about this cosmetic treatment begin to cause you some hesitation. The good news? We have all of the answer you could ever need. You will find that your grey skies turn blue again the more you discover about veneers.

Question: Do you need to remove some of my tooth?

Answer: This depends on your needs and your teeth. Patients with extremely mild damage or concerns may not require any preparation. However, if you are looking to make dramatic changes to your tooth shape or if you suffer from serious cosmetic damage, some preparation may be required. This is a simple process during which we will gently buff away a bit of your tooth’s outermost layer, called enamel.

Question: Will the prep work for veneers feel uncomfortable?

Answer: Of course not! One of our top priorities is protecting your comfort. Though some patients may feel comfortable during this gentle removal of just a minuscule portion of your enamel, others may not. We may offer sedation or local anesthetic, so you can enjoy a completely comfortable prep experience.

Question: Will I need to replace my veneers often, so my smile continues to look beautiful?

Answer: No, you will not need to replace your veneers often. One of the most wonderful aspects of laminate veneers is that they are resilient, durable, and will last many years. By taking good care of them, some patients enjoy their veneers for upwards of 20 years.

Question: Can I continue my usual dental hygiene routine once I receive laminate veneers?

Answer: Yes, you should continue caring for your smile the same way you should if you do not have veneers. This means twice daily brushing sessions that last around two minutes each time you brush. Skip anything rough or abrasive and opt for products like soft-bristle toothbrushes. And remember to floss!


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