Water: Ice Cold, Room Temp, Or Hot

wateringlassDo you know what’s what when it comes to your decision to drink water? Are you under the general assumption that as long as you are choosing water over a beverage with sugar or a high acid content, you’re doing the right thing? In most instances, you are on the right track. The drink of choice to keep your teeth and gums healthy is, of course, water. However, do you know what happens when you choose to chew on ice instead of drinking a tall glass of room temperature water? Consider some information that can protect your oral health and dental work.

Selecting Ice

We often suggest against selecting ice as your means of hydrating yourself or snacking. It can be fun to chomp on ice throughout the day but it is not good for your teeth. Ice is hard, which means your teeth and jaws are working overtime to break it down – this overuse may lead to issues like bruxism or TMJ disorder or may chip or erode teeth. This extreme in temperature may also exacerbate sensitivity, leaving you in discomfort. Protect your oral health by avoiding ice as a snack.

Selecting A Neutral Temperature

If you want to drink water, avoiding extremes in temperature is going to be your best bet. Wanting a cozy experience? Let your water cool off before you drink it. Feeling hot or tired? Drink some cool water – not ice cold. Or, you can always play it safe with room temperature water. You won’t need to worry about burns, “brain freeze,” damaged teeth, or sensitive teeth.

Hot Water

Sip hot water that’s too hot and you could damage your oral health by burning your lips, tongue, or gums. Place your dentures or clear braces trays into hot water and you may find yourself with warped dentures or trays. In general, we suggest practicing extreme caution when using hot water.


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