What Children Think Of Their Dentists

happyIt’s important that children feel comfortable visiting their dentist and going in for dental exams and cleanings. Research indicates that fear of the dentist and dental treatment is a major reason that people don’t keep up with their dental care. Research has also shown that parents who fear the dentist generally pass that fear on to their children. An interesting study was performed to assess school-aged children’s perceptions of their dentists. Read on to find out more about what children think of their dentists.

Fear of the Dentist

Because fears develop during childhood, it is important that a child have a positive relationship with his or her dentist. Positive interactions as a child will reduce fear and anxiety as an adult and lead to better dental health among the population. Nearly 20 percent of the American population has some sort of dental fear or anxiety. To combat this for the future a study assessing children’s perceptions of the dentist was performed. Five hundred eighty-three public school children ranging in age from 9 to 12 years completed a questionnaire evaluating their attitudes toward their dentists.


The results of the study indicated that:

  • 76% of children who participated in the study had visited a dentist
  • 64% liked their visit
  • 11% did not like their visit
  • 12% reported being afraid
  • 90% percent of the children preferred their dentist wear a white coat
  • 40% preferred their dentist wear a mask and protective eye wear during treatment
  • 63% preferred the dentist office be decorated with toys and posters rather than plain
  • Girls preferred to be treated by a female dentist
  • Boys preferred to be treated by a male dentist
  • Girls liked visiting the dentist more than boys

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