What Is Comfortable Dentistry?

relaxedwomangrassComfortable dentistry means you can expect a relaxing dental visit, whether you’re visiting us for a common appointment like a dental cleaning or something more complex like a dental filling. You see, we understand that many patients would like to come in to see us to take care of their smile care needs but they simply feel too worried about potential discomfort. In some cases, patients are not actually worried about anything in particular but struggle with severe dental anxiety. Rest assured, this is a common occurrence, which is why we offer a variety of options to help you feel calm and relaxed while under our care. Ready to learn more? Consider the following ways we strive to accommodate you, so you can receive the dental attention you need:

Addressing Common Needs

There are some common concerns among patients who feel nervous about dental care. First, patients often feel uncomfortable about the sounds produced by common dental instruments. For this reason, we utilize silent instruments so you can feel at ease. We are also aware that many patients feel extremely concerned and nervous about injections, which is why we offer injection-free anesthesia. You can rest assured that we will take every aspect of your visit into consideration, so you feel calm and can enjoy comfortable dentistry.

Sedation For Tranquility

Even with the best of reassurances, a comfortable environment, friendly dental professionals, and numb tissues, patients feel jittery regarding resting in our dental chair. To present patients with an option for immediately feeling completely relaxed, we offer nitrous oxide. This form of sedation dentistry is inhaled through a mask that we place over your nose and mouth. It offers analgesic effects and will allow you to feel nearly euphoric for a wonderful experience with comfortable dentistry.


At A Briter Smile Dental Group, our dentists strive to offer each patient individual care and access to the latest in modern dentistry at an affordable price. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact us at our Los Angeles office at (323) 747-1823. We proudly serve communities in Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Hermon, and Washington Heights.