What Makes Crowns Look So Natural?

dentalcrownYou have likely heard over and over that you should feel good about receiving a dental crown not only because it helps your oral health – but because your crown will look lifelike. However, while this may be music to your ears, you may feel unsure about the legitimacy of this claim. True, you know we provide porcelain or zirconia crowns, which are most certainly more natural looking than metal. But what about the details? Take a moment to receive some additional information.

It’s All About Opacity

Think about a metal dental crown – you cannot see through it at all. That is because it’s completely opaque – no light may shine through. Now, think about your teeth. You may even want to take a closer look at them in the mirror. You will notice that they are translucent, which means a bit of light can shine through, allowing you to detect their multiple layers. Fortunately, porcelain and zirconia are similarly translucent, offering a lifelike finish rather than a flat one.

Color Matching and Customization

The opacity of the dental crowns is matched well to your natural tooth tissue – but there are a couple more details to consider. First, it’s important to note that we don’t simply provide you with a “white” crown. Instead, we match the color of the material we use to the other teeth in your smile for a beautiful, cohesive grin. Next, we carefully customize the crown to the size and shape that you need for a uniform, functional smile, and a balanced bite.


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